Double layered Organic Bamboo Mask

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Double layered Organic Bamboo Mask

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“Face Masks today are a basic necessity for every person to stay safe. We believe that our customers and our environment deserve the best and to give it our best we have launched an exclusive line of Bamboo Face Mask.
The fabric of these masks has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which makes it the ideal face mask to stay safe in these challenging times.
These masks are reusable and washable and last long since bamboo is a versatile fabric.
Double layered, super soft, and breathable, these bamboo masks are effective and easy to use. Their lightweight and small size make them easy to carry. These masks are available in standard size and are suitable for both men and women.
These masks are skin-friendly as they are super soft and are hypoallergenic i.e. they do not cause an allergic reaction to the skin.
These masks are very comfortable as they thermo-regulating which means they will feel cool when you wear them in summer and warm when you wear them in winter.
Its anti-bacterial properties keep it odor-free and also give it fresh feel all day long.
The benefits of using a bamboo mask are many but the most important function of these masks is your protection and while protecting you it also protects our environment as bamboo is a sustainable fabric.
So, let’s switch to a better and safer alternative to face mask now and protect you and your planet.”



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Double layered Organic Bamboo Mask