Let’s fight Climate Change, and while we do it lets not forget to do it in style!
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The summers are getting hotter every year, pollution levels have reached unfathomable heights, from Bejing facing a complete shutdown, Delhi reeling under the smog, to Bangalore’s frothing lakes. Humanity and our greed for new, bigger, better may have its temporary benefits, however, the impact it has had on our environment and the planet we call home has been extreme and to an extent maybe even irreversible. While most of us understand the challenges of global warming and climate change I am afraid a handful of us actually make changes in our lives to minimize our contribution to this madness and at least try saving our home and keeping it sustainable for our kids and the generations to come.

While the battle against climate change is quite a daunting and uphill one, the silver lining is that there has been an increasing amount of awareness and activisms on this issue. The governments of the world have started accepting this as one of and if not the biggest threats to mankind and its survival. And while we are a long way away from winning the fight against climate change, what we need to realize is that the fight is not only at the macroeconomic stage but rather it’s more so within our homes and within our heads. The fight against climate change is a fight against a mindset, a mindset that can only be changed one small step at a time.

While there are numerable ways and means to contribute to this fight against climate change, one recent innovation has been the introduction of eco-friendly organic clothing. I’m sure many of us must have heard about organic food but organic clothing is as fresh as it gets. One such pioneer brand in this space is an India start-up named MiEstilo. Started in 2019 MiEstilo is one of its kind apparel brands that exclusively markets 100% organic and eco-friendly clothing products in India. It is India’s first organic clothing brand to be certified by Start-up India. What’s more, is that all of MiEstilo products are ISO certified. MiEstilo procures and sells clothing made of Bamboo, Organic Cotton & Hemp which are 100% natural and organically produced. These fabrics have multiple benefits over inorganic and manmade fabrics like, a higher degree of softness and comfort, anti-bacterial in nature, 97.5%  protection from UV rays which give the wearer a much better and healthier experience..What makes these products stand apart is the fact that these are ethically sourced and are made up of products that has zero use of Genetically Modified (GMO) seeds, zero use of synthetic pesticides, and are produced in organic farms that make better use of soil and water.

MiEstilo, has big plans for the future as it has already started online retail and selling through Direct channels. It aims to be the number one brand in organic clothing globally and has surely started on the right note. While organic clothing might not be a big market today, with the increasing awareness, slowly but surely more and more people are expected to make the shift in deciding not only how they look but also how their clothing choices impact the world around them. We sure do hope MiEstilo succeeds in its mission of “changing the way people think about clothing” and while it may eventually have a small overall impact on climate change numerically if successful what it will be able to achieve will be far beyond the numbers. It will have a significant impact in evolving the mindset needed to fight climate change. It will help people realize that the fight against climate change starts with them and the choices they make. And that we all know is the need of the hour.